Watercolor Anchor Pin

Jewelry doesn’t typically involve watercolor, probably because the paint won’t hold up in the rain. This anchor pin is no different. The color will probably run all over your shirt which will conveniently match the mascara running under your eyes because that shirt was your favorite.

But take comfort knowing that it’s washable, handmade, and each one is unique. So though the thought of ruining your outfit might weigh heavy on your mind, looking fly with a watercolored anchor pin won’t.

Perfect for: Your indie girlfriend, Fashionable Female Sea Captains/Pirates
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Cardboard Mustache - Movember 2011 edition

All proceeds go to the Movember Foundation’s East Coast Mustachery Movember Team (http://bit.ly/EastCoastMustachery) to help fight prostate and testicular cancer. The postage stamps posted on these postcards will help fight US Postal Service bankruptcy.

Drawn on 4x6 cardboard.

Buy here: http://bit.ly/EastCoastMustachery
Perfect for: People who want a 2-for-1 deal when helping someone out
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Cardboard Mustache - Movember edition

All proceeds from your purchase of this beautiful cardboard mustache goes to the Movember Foundation via the Mo-Moosehead Movember team to help fight prostate cancer.

Drawn on 4x6 cardboard

Buy here: http://sellsimp.ly/df  Sold Out
Perfect for: People who want to participate in Movember but lack the genes to grow a mustache, people who want to fund prostate cancer research
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